We are busy with pre-wedding and wedding day celebrations. 

I have mailed off our Rehearsal dinner invitations and I am looking forward to Heather's bridal shower this weekend. It will be a day of fun celebrating. 

A bridal shower brunch, getting our nails done and a fun Bachelorette dinner party afterwards!

I have some more shopping to do in the next week, but things are coming together. 

I am having a great week so far and I am so excited for Heather and Cameron's Wedding Day. 



We've had a super busy day today.  All day.  And I loved every minute of it.

We began our morning with some errand running for our Thanksgiving camping trip.  We got a heavy duty camping grill, two chairs for Grace & Aaron, some glo-sticks, and a tailgate toss game to play in the desert.  We finished up with a visit to the restaurant and an errand for the rehearsal dinner we'll be hosting.

We stopped for some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen before heading back home.  My Asparagus Spinach Parmesan Spaghettini was so delicious and I savored my glass of chilled Riesling.  It was a nice break in our go-go-go schedule.

Tonight, Bruce designed and worked hard to perfect the custom Rehearsal Dinner invitations.  After trial and error and success, they are ready to assemble and mail out. 

I have some ideas for decorating the tables and am going to get busy with that. 

It feels good to close my day with so much accomplishment and organization.

G'night all.



I lasted a week off of Facebook. It was a good week--after the 24 hours of withdrawal, it was good. 

But for various reasons, I decided there were more benefits than drawbacks(keeping up with my kiddos and family who live out of town, for one) for me to have a Facebook account so, I made some changes to my account that made it work for me.

I am still off of Twitter and Google +, which still made sense and keeps my social networking time to a minimum.

Can I share one more confession? 

Let me start from the beginning.

I had a Pinterest invite sitting in my email inbox.  It's been there quite awhile and yesterday while I was purging my old emails, organizing the ones I needed to save, and emptying my spam and trash folders....I registered an account with Pinterest.

Oh, my...need I say more?  Do you have Pinterest?  If you don't...let me just warn you...danger, will robinson.  You may need to take provisions with you when you login. It's a wonderland of coolness and easy to get lost in the maze of boards overflowing with a lot of good stuff.

You've been warned.

I perused the site last night and pinned some things on my board and I already have a ton of craft ideas buzzing in my head.  Back in the day, when my kids were small (and you'd think I would have less time) I had a lot of craft projects going all the time. 

The difference is technology.  Less technology=more crafts.

I promise to share what I find and make with y'all. 



I busted out.  Escaped the crazy chains of social networking.

Yeah, me, the social networking advocate. 

I recently realized there can be too much of a good thing.  I was over-connected and that was negatively adding to my already full and often stressful days.  I felt like I was suffocating from information overload. 


I deleted my Facebook account.
I deleted my Google + account that I opened thinking it would replace FB. 
I deleted my Twitter account. 

But, before you wonder if I have unplugged everything and am going to go live in a cave somewhere, I assure you I am still connected.  I have a smartphone and I still have my email accounts and my Blog (this one--that seems to be neglected lately)

I've just taken a step back -- to breathe and live a little more, with less technology.

I think I'm going to like it. 



It's safe to say that the Fall of 2011 is going to be a busy season full of blessings and happiness for us.

First, we're going to Utah to visit our grand-babies (and daughter and son-in-law, of course) and celebrate Aaron's 1st birthday! We're taking a long weekend and I can't wait to get there! We've not seen them since May.  Too long.

Then, after we return, our son, T is taking two weeks leave and will be home at the end of the month! 


  Our son, Cameron is getting married!

We are so happy! Cameron and Heather have been together for several years now and we love that she will be our daughter--we already consider her a part of our family and are so thrilled they are tying the knot!


Sea World happiness!

San Diego Zoo with Grace

The couple all dressed up for a friend's wedding.  Aren't they a gorgeous couple?  I can't wait for their wedding!


We'll be pretty busy but I'll do my best to pop in and keep y'all updated. 



I'm back. 

The desert was heavenly.  It was hot and it felt good.  The pool felt even better.  And having no where to go and nothing to do for all day Saturday was the best!  We took advantage of our down time and soaked up every lazy minute of it. 

We had a few comical moments over the weekend, too. One of them had to do with our room.  Upon check-in, they told us that our room had just had the carpet shampooed but we were assured it would be dry.

And it was dry, but the room stunk to high heaven.  Seriously.

I don't know what bio-hazardous event occurred in that room, but we were all about to vomit.  I could not even pinpoint the smell but it was gag inducing.  I held my nose and called the front desk.  All I had to say is how bad the room smelled and we were given a new room number and room keys were delivered in seriously, less than 2 minutes.

I was afraid to ask what had happened in that room. I don't want to know.  Maybe it's best we not know.

We were able to laugh about after we were settled into our fresh smelling, clean, and BONUS-- closer to the pool, room.  Much better. 

But now I am back to reality.  I have to admit that this week back at work has not been all that crazy.  And that is good, too.  Sometimes when I come back from a break, it can be worse than when I left.  Thankfully, not this time.

My fall calendar has begun to fill up quickly.  With 'crazy good' things.  I have been trying to make sure that I have everything written down on all of my calendars but I still feel a teensy bit overwhelmed--but in a good way.

I have some errand running to do on Saturday and I need to make some time for brainstorming for my next article, which is due next week. 

But hey, at least it's the weekend!