September is here.

This weekend is a long weekend.  An extra day at home.  An extra day to relax, to float in the pool, to find a spot on our newly discovered "private" beach and listen to the surf crash against the sand sweet music in our ears and feel the sun on our skin.

September brings warm weather for us.  While the rest of the country has their summer weather in June, July and August, we have a delayed summer season.  July, August and September. 

I love September.  By September, the "Zonies" have vacated our beaches and returned to Arizona, throngs of tourists have gone back home and our beach town becomes our own again. 

School is back in session.  College campuses are brimming with students.  The days are still warm and sunny, but our nights are hinting at the nip of fall.

It is a month for winding down, for a girls' lazy weekend to Palm Springs, for anticipating Autumn -- Apple Days in Julian, chilly nights and warm blankets to snuggle under.

I love September and the promise of the season that follows.


Laura said...

I'm definitely a little bit jealous. San Diego sounds perfect right now, and the season that you're embarking on as well.

Where are you at, lady? Hope you're okay!

Beth said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for checking in on me! I've been okay and I finally got a post up--sorry to be MIA.