I'm winding down another busy week at work (trying to keep from pulling my hair out) and looking forward to my girls' weekend away, this weekend.  It cannot come soon enough. 

One final weekend of summer (even though I know that it will actually be Fall, the weather in the desert is still VERY summer like right now) to relax and bask in the dry heat of Palm Springs.  I really need a full weekend to be completely nonproductive.  Laying by the pool with an occasional dip to cool off, sipping ice cold drinks, reading magazines...and return refreshed and relaxed.

Coming up right around the corner is our October trip to visit our daughter, son-in-law and grand-babies.  Aaron will be celebrating his first birthday and we can't wait to get some Memaw and Pepaw time with Grace and Aaron.

We received this cute family photo from them in the mail on Monday.(you have to read the text beside the photo):

Did you figure it out?

Yes!!  We are going to be blessed with one more sweet grand-baby to love and spoil!  Happy, happy, happy! 

I won't be blogging again before we escape to the desert.  Tonight, I will be busy packing for the weekend, shopping for last minute items and crossing things off my list, so I will blog again after I get back.

If I come back.  (Just kidding)

I know, I know....keep my day job.

Over and out....

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Bruce said...

You better come back!! :-)