After coming off of a very full weekend which included prepping, setting up and hosting our summer party on Saturday, clean up and putting everything away and some much needed float time in the pool on Sunday, it was time to go back to work.

All day there was that nagging voice in my head was saying there were a lot of jalapenos ready to be picked and I really needed to make jalapeno jelly.  today.

So Monday night, after work, I ignored the urge to tell the nagging voice to go away and changed clothes, poured a glass of wine and set up everything in the kitchen for making jelly. 

After eating some dinner, I dug into my project and began pureeing the jalapenos and peppers and cooked, stirred, added ingredients and cooked some more, while the jars and lids simmered in boiling water.

By the time I had poured the jelly into the jars, washed all the dishes and wiped everything down, I was so dang tired and ready to just put my feet up and do nothing until bedtime.  So that's what I did.

I am certain after this weekend of relaxing, laughing and visiting with our good friends, I should be fully energized and ready to make more jelly next weekend. 

We have some habeneros coming on....can you say spicy?


Farmer Gal said...

I thought of you yesterday, as I picked my very first jalapeno out of the garden (I've never grown them before) and used it in some salsa. It was delicious! It seems like it had a bit more heat than the ones I've purchased in the store though. If I have enough left over after making salsa, I might have to try making your jelly!

Beth said...

Yum! Aren't they tasty? I have been told if you withold water at the end of the growth cycle, they will be hotter. You will love the jelly! Put it over a block of cream cheese and serve it with crackers.

Farmer Gal said...

So here's my question... Do the jalapenos burn your fingers when you're working with them? I cut up two fresh ones from the garden yesterday for a couple things I was making, and by the time I was done cutting the second one, I had a little burn on my pointer finger. All better now, but it did hurt for a little while. I can't imagine cutting up a bunch of them for jelly batches!

Beth said...

Yes, they will burn your fingers (and possibly anything else you touch, like your eyes). You can get those gloves they sell for haircolorists to wear for jelly making. I am able to carefully cut out the pith and seeds (for the ones I seed and just avoid touching that part, but the gloves are the best solution. My last batch was all whole jalapenos, so I didn't have to deal with it. Just cut off the stems. Do you have the recipe? If you don't, I can email it to you.