We enjoyed another lazy morning at home sipping coffee.  But, this morning I got into gear a bit earlier.  I headed out to do our weekly food shopping and stopped to pick up some dog treats for Kona.

Got some more things done at home and started our laundry.  I toasted an energy bar that I picked up at the grocery and ate that for breakfast/lunch, although I wouldn't call it brunch.

When Bruce got home from checking in with the guys at the tournament (he is still taking it easy with his bum knee), we got in the pool and floated the afternoon away.

We're almost ready to put some dinner on the grill and settle in for the night.  We're probably going to watch some more of Season 6 of 'The Closer' and make an early night of it. 

I am going to get on the treadmill tomorrow morning as soon as I get up. As I was reminded by a personal trainer I follow on Facebook, it is time to awaken the 'sleeping lion' and begin to work out hard again.  I'm ready.  I'll have some extra time in the morning to work out and get ready for work because I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow morning and I am going to use that time to my advantage with a workout. 

I am 6 weeks into my Invisalign treatment and I'll write a post with an update after my appointment tomorrow. I am anxious to see what my orthodontist has to say.  I can see a lot of movement on the upper teeth, and some movement on my lower teeth--it's just not as noticeable to me.  I still have 26 weeks of treatment left to go.  I am 1/3 of the way along. 

We are finally getting a nice warm summer here in San Diego.  Last summer was truly cold.  I know I have complained a lot about it.  But for someone who enjoys the changes of seasons, I love summer weather and everything that goes with it.  

I love summer weekends!  

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