Well, today Hubby and I showed you, "Mr. Winter Storm".

Despite your cold, overnight downpours...(and by the way, it hailed on us on our way home from our night out and Happy Hour, last night with Missy and V at Humphrey's Backstage), we managed to get our Spring planting purchases done today and are on track!

This morning, we bundled up (I wore jeans, layered shirts, socks with my black "Ugg" style boots and Titans windbreaker) and we worked our way through our "to do" list. 

We made it to our local Armstrong Nursery and got our tomato plants (Roma and Brandywine), jalapeno & habanero peppers, cucumber, yellow crookneck squash and my beloved basil plants. I am so looking forward to fresh, homemade pesto sauce with whole wheat angel hair pasta this summer!
Any suggestions on additions to our veggies, our veggie veteran gardener friends?  Please share....I am all ears.

We stopped at our local Home Depot for salt for the pool (have I told y'all how much I love our pool salt water filtration system?), a Red Bromeliad (I would love some more of these beauties), some edging material, some screening, paint and garden soil.  Photos to follow.  Maybe tomorrow? 

We found a large glazed strawberry pot that we fell in love with (well, I did) and we wanted it in red.  Red is our color splash this year for our patio and back yard. I called four locations of the nursery we found this one at, but none had Red. I am so sad, but my online search continues. I am known as the "Google Queen" and my regular blog followers know that about me, already.

Along that color theme, I found some beautiful Kangaroo Paw plants (you don't know what they are? neither did I ) for our two empty stand alone terracotta planters and their vibrant color caught my eye while we were perusing the aisles--actually looking for soil--I was mesmerized and bought two of them.  They should fill their new homes quite nicely. 

Isn't that the most gorgeous red?  We also found a beautiful red cardinal (go Kentucky, my home state's State Bird!!) garden ornament ( I promise to post a photo of it) and a red Napa Wave Red torch for our patio table to match. I looked high and low and far and wide (online) for a photo and no-can-do.  So sad.

I would really love to find a red cushion to go in our wicker patio love seat and maybe some seat cushions or throw pillows for our wicker armchairs on the patio to accent our red plants and ornaments. I know our patio will have some zing with the RED on our patio. 

Our new gazebo will be delivered next week!  Yippeee! 


Tomorrow, we push forward.

I am so looking forward to going to church tomorrow night and hearing Pastor Miles' second of three messages about tithing and blessings. I love my church.  The Rock (San Diego).  I love our Pastor, his love of our Lord and his teaching from the Bible, the Word of God.

Have a blessed week, family and friends!


Summer Girl said...

Sounds like a blast! I am not sure how to avoid this but last year when we planted cucumbers, we think the bee's cross polinated them with the yellow squash. do you remember? We had awful yello stripped cucumbers that grew and grew but tasted horrible. Also we grew cantaloupe last year and that was not a success either. Our green onions have come back already and we haven't done one thing with the garden! Can't wait to see/enjoy the new patio next month! XOXO

Farmer Gal said...

You are inspiring me! I purchased a ton of seeds and soil to start some seedlings a couple weeks ago, but haven't been able to get them started yet. Feeling so blah... The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. :( Can't wait to see your pictures for some more inspiration!