Prior to all the cold weather that we've been getting the past two weeks, we had some very warm weather.

And with it, visions of planting our garden and getting out in our yard danced in our heads.  Soon we were off to our local Home Depot where we discovered this decorative metal holder with a welcome sign to hold the plant on our front porch.

We haven't planted anything in our garden yet (thank goodness).  I think we will wait until April to do that. 

I am thinking about what to plant in our vegetable planter boxes this year.  Definitely some squash, tomatoes, basil, jalapenos and cucumbers and I am considering adding another variety of hot peppers to add some heat to my hot pepper jelly recipe this year.

I can't wait to break out my steam canner again!   


Summer Girl said...

I know I am excited for spring too. We got our tomato seeds in our peat pots about 2 weeks ago. Grace helped, she loved it! Today I showed her that most had tiny sprouts, the biggest sprout just about an inch high, she was so cute with her shocked face!

Beth said...

So glad she can help you with the garden. I bet she will love helping you water and pick the veggies.