Saturday night we got something rare for our fair city. The Arctic storm that blew through brought with it, a gift. A gift to the city of sunshine.

It had rained off and on all day, amidst breaks of sun streaming through heavy grey clouds. In the late evening it began raining again, harder this time.  Hard enough to hear the soft tapping sounds on the roof--melodic. 

But soon that sound was replaced with with louder, sharp taps outside against the window glass and cars. The staccato was urgent calling us outside to see.  Out into the cold.  And cold it was.  The temperature had dropped.

Falling all around us were tiny ice pellets--hail covered the hood of our cars and blanketed the flower beds.  A sight rarely seen in San Diego, proper. 

This event was almost as exciting as the dusting of snow that fell at my brother's house "up the hill".  The same storm that pelted my house with hail, dropped snow where he lives at an elevation of 1300 feet.

It was so pretty.

It was also pretty unusual.

And it was pretty cool.

But I am sure this is pretty boring for all of you that get snow
a lot of snow
maybe even too much dang snow

and who by this time, are very tired of snow.

I'll stop now.

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Farmer Gal said...

Yes, but for some reason it makes me feel better that you get snow (even just a little) in the land of sunshine. :)