My email and Facebook have been hacked.  I am not in London. 

I have not been mugged at gunpoint and I don't need you to send money. 

I am alive and well and on U.S. soil.  I have not even ever been to London.

This message is for everyone on my Facebook and contact list that may have gotten an urgent message from me today.  I appreciate your concern and calls regarding my welfare.  I love you all.

I will get this wrapped up tomorrow and hopefully my world will begin revolving clockwise again.



I know that, technically, it is Spring.

That being said, Spring has not sprung here. 

It was a chilly 43 degrees (which is cold for my neighborhood) this morning when I left for work. Granted it was only 6:45 a.m. but I am certain it got much colder overnight.  At least it felt like it when I awakened at 3:40 a.m. and buried myself deep under our warm comforter. 

On top of those cold-for-our-city temperatures, another Winter storm (yeah, you read that right, Winter) is gonna be here by later today. 

Cold, rainy and wet.  Again.

To look outside at this very moment, you would never believe it.  Not a cloud in the blue sky.  Some haze.  Lots of sunshine.  No clouds.

Our chipper morning weather girl assures me that the clouds will be moving in by noon and by 5 pm we will be getting rain.  Serious rain.

I am so thankful that I have a covered parking garage here at work, because I have come to work unprepared. 

No jacket. 

No umbrella. 

No galoshes...I don't actually own a pair of galoshes.  But you get the idea.  I am completely unprepared for rain today.  Of any kind.

However, my trusty Jeep shall carry me over hill and dale, through the muckety-muck and puddles safely home.  She is prepared for the weather. 

Thank goodness one of us is.



I thought I would share a photo of the healthy lunch I enjoyed on Saturday. 

Two sliced Roma tomatoes, 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese and 1/2 bunch of steamed asparagus.  It was delicious and helped fuel my organizational endeavors.

What kind of delicious lunches are you enjoying this week?



This weekend has been one of organization (and cleaning) for us.   

We grocery shopped and cleaned house.  While we were out we stopped at Walmart to get an assortment of plastic tubs to put to good use in our hall cupboard to organize and hold extra toiletries, first aid supplies, cold remedies, pain relievers and other miscellaneous over the counter medications. 

I also went through our spices cupboard and organized them as well.  Now we can find the herbs and spices we need for recipes much easier. Of course, now I would like to continue this organizational spree with our pantry, but it is an odd layout and there may not be much I can do to organize it.  I did use two of the leftover baskets for my teas and coffees. 

I did some re-arranging in our "family room".  We had set up the crate in that room for Kona and placed one of her comfy dog beds in there and have been keeping her in that room during the day to limit her activity and give her knees a chance to mend. 

Today, I moved things around so the crate is tucked into a corner out of the way and we can gate off a smaller area for her in that room when the kids and grand-babies come to visit.

Spring is here, but you'd never guess it from our weather. It is cold, blustery and wet here in sunny San Diego. 

Does it feel like Spring in your neck of the woods?



The following photos of our grandbabies are oh, so sweet, but I promise you that they won't add any calories to your daily total.

Grace is such a good helper.  No more spilled milk on the floor, Mama!


Aaron is already 5 months old!  Where has the time gone?  His mama says he has some very blond hair coming in.  I love his adorable smile and dimples. 

Little dog whisperer, Grace at the dog park with her doggies -- and two handfuls of rocks she collected. Every girl needs a rock collection...

Aaron is snuggled in the jogging stroller for the occasion.  I bet he can't wait to get out there with his sister and run around!


Wishing you all a blessed week!



It's been a long work week for me and I'm having a very good and productive weekend. 

We went to Filippi's for dinner Friday night.  A nice green salad with beans, olives, peppercini's and a lovely Italian dressing, with hot french bread and I ordered a half order of beef ravioli with marinara sauce.  We ordered a half carafe of Chianti to drink with it. Delicious dinner and evening out with my husband!

This morning we woke with coffee and the morning news.  We are saddened by the recent earthquake, tsunami and devastating results in Japan, we are keeping them in our prayers.

We went to Costco today and we found some really beautiful melamine dinnerware to use on the patio this summer. 

I love the vibrant colors.  So bright and summery.  It makes me happy! 

We stopped off at Petco for some dog treats for our puppydog, Kona.  She is still crippling around but loves her supplements wrapped in Velveeta and will gobble up a half hotdog bun that I have injected with her liquid Metacam.  Thank goodness, because she needs it and I am glad that she willingly takes it.  Even looks forward to her "cheese" and "hotdog bun".

We stopped at the grocery store for our weekly shopping and went directly home to unload and put everything away.  We took a break and ate some lunch.  Bruce mowed the front and back lawns and I gave our pupster a bath.  I think she feels a lot better being clean.  Bruce washed her blankets and bed cover and Kona is a happy camper.

Kona took a sunbath on the patio while Bruce and I weeded our side yard and garden (dead veggie plants and weeds).  The rain made them easy to pull.  Although it was labor, it felt good to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air (high 60's). 

All in all, it was a very good day.

Tonight, Bruce grilled chicken breasts and I made a large pot of brown rice (two more meals this week planned with brown rice) and a spinach salad with a homemade dressing.  We picked up a loaf of Costco whole grain bread, which I heated and we had with some butter.  We opened a bottle of Leonesse Viognier wine to have with it.  (On our weight loss plan, we're limiting our alcohol to wine and only on the weekend--and only if we have eaten clean and worked out the five days prior).

Dessert tonight will be some angel food cake, fresh chopped strawberries and fat free whipped topping. 

I am planning on a workout on the treadmill again tomorrow morning.  Bruce has a softball game, so I will get my morning cardio in while he is playing softball. My goal is to work out 6 days a week.

We attended services at our church (The Rock Church) last Sunday night and we're so happy to be back in our church home.  Pastor Miles is an amazing minister and we love our worship time at The Rock. We like to attend the Sunday night service, have some dinner afterwards and make it an early evening to bed for work the next day.

A relaxing night at home with my hubby.  What could be better?  Nuttin' honey.  Nuttin'.



Here's the deal. We've been eating too much junk lately. It is a bad habit, but an easy habit to fall into. And we fell hard.  Head first. 

But we have picked ourselves up and decided it's time to get back to eating clean by filling our plates with more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and much less junk.

With that comes drinking more water.  Drinking water instead of other beverages. Except my morning coffee. I still have that. But I have eliminated the daily diet soda I was having.

Along with better eating habits comes daily exercise.  Cardio. Weights. Walking. Running. Kettlebells. Planks.

Last week, I started eating better.  Better food choices, smaller portions, more water.  This week, I added the exercise part.  I started by getting out of bed a half hour earlier (and that is not easy) and making my way out to our "home gym" (the garage) and jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes. 

It's been since October when I was regularly working out. Then came our vacation to Tennessee, my nasty fall down the stairs which resulted in my workouts coming to a grinding halt and they have have been stalled ever since.

But, four months later, my bruises have nearly healed and I am ready to tackle the hard work ahead of me to reach my goals.

Three days down.
Baby steps.



Prior to all the cold weather that we've been getting the past two weeks, we had some very warm weather.

And with it, visions of planting our garden and getting out in our yard danced in our heads.  Soon we were off to our local Home Depot where we discovered this decorative metal holder with a welcome sign to hold the plant on our front porch.

We haven't planted anything in our garden yet (thank goodness).  I think we will wait until April to do that. 

I am thinking about what to plant in our vegetable planter boxes this year.  Definitely some squash, tomatoes, basil, jalapenos and cucumbers and I am considering adding another variety of hot peppers to add some heat to my hot pepper jelly recipe this year.

I can't wait to break out my steam canner again!   



  (I won't mention the "s" word in this post.  I promise)

Once upon a time,

on a dark cold February night in San Diego

it hailed.

It hailed on hubby's car

 It hailed on my car

and it hailed on our back patio door mat

We thought the entire hail event was pretty cool.

The End


Saturday night we got something rare for our fair city. The Arctic storm that blew through brought with it, a gift. A gift to the city of sunshine.

It had rained off and on all day, amidst breaks of sun streaming through heavy grey clouds. In the late evening it began raining again, harder this time.  Hard enough to hear the soft tapping sounds on the roof--melodic. 

But soon that sound was replaced with with louder, sharp taps outside against the window glass and cars. The staccato was urgent calling us outside to see.  Out into the cold.  And cold it was.  The temperature had dropped.

Falling all around us were tiny ice pellets--hail covered the hood of our cars and blanketed the flower beds.  A sight rarely seen in San Diego, proper. 

This event was almost as exciting as the dusting of snow that fell at my brother's house "up the hill".  The same storm that pelted my house with hail, dropped snow where he lives at an elevation of 1300 feet.

It was so pretty.

It was also pretty unusual.

And it was pretty cool.

But I am sure this is pretty boring for all of you that get snow
a lot of snow
maybe even too much dang snow

and who by this time, are very tired of snow.

I'll stop now.