Last weekend was gorgeous.  Sunny.  Warm.  

But our weather is changing. it is supposed to be turning cold and windy and damp.  According to the weather reports, we are supposed to get a big rain storm this weekend. 

When I first heard the forecast, I was disappointed at the prospect of staying inside.

Why?  I think the taste of last weekend's warm, flip-flop, sun on my skin weather fooled me into thinking that I could stow my Uggs away in the back of my closet and paint my toenails. 

I scowled at the perky weather chick on the TV this morning and muttered outloud to no one in particular. Rain?  Really?  Great. 

But now, I am embracing this weather induced opportunity for some quality down time. Ya know?  What perfect excuse to hunker down and snuggle in. 

Plus, it's a 3 day weekend for us.  A beautiful, extended, lazy weekend. Well, lazy after we hit Costco and the grocery so we convince ourselves that we did accomplish something.  Then we can be lazy.

We can build a fire in the fireplace, figure out some comfort food to simmer in the crockpot and I can use the time to let my fingers dance along my keyboard and get some more writing done.

Even though I was completely basking in all that sunshine we were getting, the truth is, I love rainy days.  I have shared many times that I am a four-seasons kind of girl.  Which of course, is one of the reasons I want to move to beautiful Tennessee. 

And now, I have changed gears and I am watching the sky for those heavy gray clouds to roll in.  I am ready for the rain. C'mon rain. 

Whenever it rains, I always think of this beautiful song and it reminds me how much God loves all of us. Every time I watch this video, I glean something new from it. For me, the messages the photos portray are as deep as the lyrics.

Let it rain.

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Farmer Gal said...

Oh, thank you for sharing that video clip. It touched me heart. Now do you have anything that puts a positive spin on six foot snow drifts? ;)