This afternoon, I attended a fun baby shower for my friend, Linda's daughter-in-law, Sarah. Sarah's due date is mid February and even though she and  her hubby have chosen to not learn the gender of the babe beforehand, Linda and I think it is a boy.  They have an adorable little girl, who will be nearly 2 1/2 when her sibling is born. 

It was evident that everyone else at the shower believes this baby is a boy, too.  Most everything was only slightly gender neutral leaning strongly to boy colors and styles.  

I bought her two cute onesies--one with brown and cream stripes, and the other one, white with tiny brown and pale blue stars paired with a pair of soft light brown cozy bottoms and a pair of OshKosh shortalls (bought in the boys department). I'm a sucker for OshKosh.  All of my kids (girls and boys) wore boys style OshKosh overalls and I know Sarah will girly everything up, in case we are all wrong, and she is carrying a little girl.

So now I am at home relaxing.  Bruce had a softball tournament this weekend and is on his way home.  We're going to grill some chicken for dinner and serve it over a green salad filled with lots of fresh garden ingredients.

We're making the most of every last moment of our weekend and our warm weather. 

I am really not ready for Monday.

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Farmer Gal said...

Your weekends always sound so warm and sublime. Not so much here, but since it is almost 30 degrees today, I've got the windows cracked open a bit and it feels awesome! (I take what I can get.)

You'll have to keep us posted what that baby turns out to be!