Although we have only tiptoed into 2011 by 4 days, in some ways it feels like it's been a month. 

First, our (older than dirt, but trusty) washer and dryer bit the dust.  I was not a happy camper when it happened,  but I am really happy with the cool front-loading set we bought to replace them.  

Then, on New Year's Day, I lost a crown and had to go to my dentist to have it re-cemented. I guess it could have been worse.  Right? 

Finally, Kona dog pulled her leg, which necessitated a visit to see her Vet.   So, for the present time, in addition to the anti-inflammatory medication, recommended joint supplements, and fish oil, she is on a strict "rest regime" for the injury.  I am not sure our high energy dog knows what "rest" is. 

Vet:  Keep her from jumping, running, hopping, skipping or acting like a spaz.

Me:  But that is what she lives to do, doc.  She is 80 pounds of energy.

Vet:  The tranquilizer tablets will help with that.

Me:  Oh, my bad. I thought those were for me. 

It's an adjustment for her... but we have an extra room for her to chill out in when we are away or company comes over, so she is not stimulated to the point of going into Kona-mode.

I'm waiting for the handy-dandy personal desk calendar I ordered to be delivered.  What the heck was I thinking?  How could I forget to order my calendar BEFORE the new year began?  I'm lost without one.  I had to print a blank month off of my Outlook calendar at work to start scribbling things on. 

It's a short term fix.  My calendar will be here momentarily.

I have some pretty cool news. I landed a writing gig for a local community newspaper.  My first article was published for January 2011 issue and I have just submitted my second article to be published in the February issue.  I am so excited about the opportunity and I am having fun with it.  I love the challenge!

I have high hopes for 2011! 


Summer Girl said...

Yay that is so awesome about your writing gig! I bet you are excited! Poor Kona whats a dog to do on bed rest??? Miss You!

Beth said...

I know I feel bad for the poor pup. Love and miss you too, sweetie. Give the babies both love from Memaw and Pepaw.

debby said...

Congratulations on the writing gig! I'm not at all surprised. You're an excellent writer! Now, where can I read your articles?