I realize it's been two weeks since I posted anything but I have been happily spending time with my kids and grandbabies who are here for a visit!

Our daughter, A, hubby K and grandbabies Grace and Aaron are here from Utah and we surprised the whole family and flew our son, T in from Virginia to visit, too! 

More surprising the rest of the family...

Greeting Nana and Papadaddy at the door

Reunited with his "irish twin" sister, M

And gal pal and our "adopted" daughter, Olivia

Our house has been filled with the voices of Nemo, Dorrie, Sully, Mike, Boo, Woody and Buzz.  (Grace loved watching Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc. and Toy Story). Just this week, we watched Cars, Elf and Rudolph, too.

Grace has stayed occupied playing with boxes of wooden blocks, Hot Wheels
and Matchbox cars, her baby doll, toy groceries filled in her shopping cart, and coloring.  

Here is our slidin', noodle eatin' and cookie makin' grand-daughter in action. 

Slide again, Memaw!  More!  More!  More!

Grace loves some noodles and sauce! and Meatballs!

Rolling out gingerbread cookies to cut out, ice and decorate!

Aaron has been very content to nurse and sleep in between some long periods of looking around. And growing.  I swear that boy has grown inches and put on some pounds (probably ounces) since they have been here.

T and his sister, M went to Snow Summit to snowboard and have some brother/sister catch up, bonding time. 

With much reluctance, I saw T off to the airport on Sunday (I did not want to let him go, but the Navy needs him back)  and am I enjoying the last few days of my time with my eldest daughter and grand-babies. 

 A and I and the kidlets went down to Mission Bay to ride her tricycle (that her Papou and Yia Yia got her) and play on the play gym and of course, in the sand.  It was a beautiful day to spend down there.  Aaron chose to take a snooze in the stroller.

I had to go back to work today...it was not the best day work-wise, but it was great to be back in the company of my good friend and co-worker, Linda, and our one "boss" who understands how crazy things are and how to make the day better.
 Tonight, Domino's pizza and red wine are making the best end to a stressful day. I mean, really, thin crispy crust pepperoni pizza and Leonesse red wine, what could be a better end to a rough first day back to work?

Maybe, no dishes?


Janna Qualman said...

How wonderful! Family is where it's at, and to have them together--even surprising some of them--is just wonderful. I hope the rest of your time was lovely!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I love "meeting" new people. :)

Farmer Gal said...

Family and surprises! How fun!

Your last pic of the palm trees is beckoning me to warmer climates!