We have just spent a fun, laughter filled weekend with some of our best friends, Tom and Heidi, who live in Seattle.  You know that a friendship is true and solid when you can after long absences apart, pick right up where you left off and it's as if that time apart had never occurred.

Heidi and I became good friends in college while we both were taking a horseback riding class and began carpooling to the class which was a out in the country, and a long drive from our campus.

Our 35 year friendship has seen us through a lot.  We attended each other's weddings, raised our babies, spent countless hours in playgroup, at each other's homes making fun crafts, group dinners, pushing strollers at the Mall, attending evening painting classes, summers taking our kids to the beach, late night heart to hearts over coffee and even divorces.  We've toasted and celebrated our happy second marriages and shared each other's joy as we've added sons-in-law and became grandmothers.

Bruce and Tom have also become good friends and get along famously, too. The four of us have so much fun when we get together!  It's hard to say goodbye, knowing that it may be another long stretch of time before we spend more time together. 

But we know when we do, we will once again, pick up where we left off.

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Farmer Gal said...

It is good to have such a good friend, and even better to have friends that are a couple for you and your hubby to hang out with.