The pot of vegetarian white bean chili I made last night with our pressure cooker was delicious and easy!

I admit that my pressure cooker intimidated me a bit when I took it out of the box and used it the first time to cook a pot roast, Sunday night. But I was more confident when I cooked Tracy's recipe for vegetarian white bean chili for dinner last night. Each step felt more natural and my nervousness was eased.

We had soaked an entire 16 oz. bag of small white beans all day while we were at work, so they were ready to cook when I was ready to make dinner. I followed her recipe, using 1 tablespoon of oregano and cumin and a whole box of vegetable stock. I used three celery stalks and half of a yellow onion (both diced very small) and sauteed them in some olive oil, adding in our garlic at the end of the sauteing process.

It turned out so good! I was surprised that mine turned out super spicy, and I decided that it was might be that I used Embasa salsa verde rather than Herdez, though they may both be spicy. But it was more than likely because I used canned jalapenos instead of fresh. I have fresh jalapenos in the garden, but I am planning to make jalapeno pepper jelly this weekend, and since I was not sure how many jalapenos I had in the garden to use for my jelly, I used canned jalapenos for my chili.

We were able to temper the heat with a nice dollop or two of sour cream on top of the chili and we enjoyed a hot pan of cornbread with butter to go with it.

If you don't like heat (as in spicy) in your food, you might want to omit the salsa verde and substitute a 7 oz. can of diced mild green chiles instead.

I was so pleased at how tasty this chili is and my pressure cooker made it super fast and easy to make.

You will love the aroma of this delicious meal cooking in your kitchen! I can't wait to experiment with this recipe and see what other delicious variations we come up with.

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