Last night after work, we stopped at our favorite Friday night haunt, sat at the bar, and enjoyed some fried zucchini and Italian sliders.  I sipped chilled Chardonnay with mine and Bruce had cold IPA. It was a change of pace for us since we've been sticking closer to home this summer and spending our Friday evening at Sardinas was a nice change of scenery for us.

We ran our errands this morning and prepped our dinner so we could relax for the rest of the day.  Since our weather this weekend is sunny and warm with a cloudless blue sky and our pool temperature reached 85, we floated in the pool for a couple of hours, showered and will be grilling dinner tonight.  We're having seasoned drumsticks with some potatoes/onions/green bell pepper mix cooked in a foil pocket on the grill.

I tried out a new drink recipe "Coconut Mojito's" which are surprisingly tasty and very refreshing!  I got to use several sprigs of fresh mint we have growing in our garden, too! 

This is just the beginning of an awesome weekend of taking it easy and savoring each and every moment of it.

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