Given that it is feeling so much like autumn here in San Diego, I have been getting into my homemaking mode. 

And since my jalapeno plants have been going crazy producing gorgeous, green, spicy peppers, I decided to try my hand at making some jalapeno jelly this morning. 

I found two recipes that caught my eye and sounded easy enough for a cautious beginner.  After reading through both of them about a fifty times (well, at least 10 times), I decided to go with the first one I had come across.  The author actually lives here in San Diego, too.

I used a yellow and orange pepper as my two additional pepper choices to go with the 9 jalapenos I plucked off our plants this morning.

Right now my jars of jelly are cooling and my house smells like peppers! Because I prefer chunky jalapeno jelly and I chose to use most of the pepper mixture rather than straining most of it out like the recipe suggested, my recipe actually made 12 half-pint jars of jelly.

I didn't add any food coloring to mine this time, but if this batch turns out good, I will make some more for Christmas gifts and add red food coloring to that batch.

I will update with another post when we try our jelly and let you all know how it turns out and then I will post the link to the recipe for anyone who wants to try their hand at jalapeno jelly.

Making jalapeno jelly was super easy and only took about an hour total time to make. 

I think the hardest part for me is going to be leaving the jars alone to cool for 12 hours. 


Summer Girl said...

Yay!!! I actually was going to take on making Jalepeno Pepper Jelly this weekend...but yeah no. I had a customer give me a recipe back in the spring when we were planting and I had saved it in my planner this whole time! I bet its delicious. I hope using the canner was easy!

Beth said...

The canner worked grea! With this recipe, I did not have to do any additional time in the steam canning process, though another recipe did. My jelly seems to have set up fine and processed perfectly! I will have some for you guys!