I told y'all that I would post the link to the recipe for jalapeno pepper jelly that I used. And, being a woman of my word, here it is:

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly Recipe 

Super yummy and super easy! 

The main variation that I made in making this recipe is that I used all of my cooked pepper mixture to fill my jars and I didn't strain it.  Thus, my recipe made 12 half-pint jars rather than the 6 specified in the recipe.  Note: I did not double the recipe.

I used a ratio of 4 whole peppers in my first batch and 7 whole peppers in my second batch. I haven't tasted that one yet. 

As I said before, I didn't think the first batch was spicy, so you may want to experiment with the level of heat you like. 

I'll report how "hot" the second one turned out, and you can use that as a gauge, but honestly, it may simply come down to a personal "heat" preference and making a few batches of your own.  You can't go wrong. 



Summer Girl said...

Did I tell you I made some this weekend? It was a crazy disaster and I still haven't tasted it yet! I'm scared too! :) I used a recipe a customer gave me back in the spring which called for 5lbs of sugar! (I know...) The misture ended up boiling over when I of course wasn't paying attention and I spent probably at least an hour cleaning up sugar mess from the stove, oven and floor. Then had to recook everything and canned it. I got some cream cheese and crackers on Sunday..so we will see! At the very least mine looks like how it should! lol

Summer Girl said...

Also how did you like using the canner?? Pretty simple, did you have fun? :)

Beth said...

My recipe calls for only cooking the recipe and not canning again afterwards, but I used the canner to boil my water for my jars, lids and rings until I was ready for them. How much did your recipe make? Mine uses 6 cups of sugar which I thought was a lot! Let me know how yours turns out!