There is something in the air of late, that feels like autumn.  The night air has a crispness and chill that says that summer is winding down.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is a certain feeling settling in that has my thoughts turning away from tank tops, iced cold drinks and tan lines.

I have begun to envision pots of steaming soup or chili on the stove, cozy blankets draped over the end of the beds and the couch.  Hot apple cider sipped after a drive to Julian for to take deep breaths of cold mountain air.  Hot apple pie, right out of the oven and driving up the winding highway lined with oak trees wearing their gorgeous Fall colors. 

I am also longing to pull out a skein of yarn from the basket beside my couch and begin a crocheting or knitting project--maybe something soft in muted hues to wrap up in. I can already smell the scented candles welcoming guests and see my candlelit dinner table filled with hearty meals and surrounded by friends.

Today was a beautiful day that looked like summer, but it was wrapped in the hint of autumn.  The warmth of the day did not linger into a summer night.  It was chased away before the sun set. And I didn't miss it.

Autumn found her way.  If you had asked me how I thought I would feel about the arrival of autumn, I probably would have told you that I thought it would feel rushed, but instead, it feels just right.


Farmer Gal said...

You are funny... One day you are floating in your pool and enjoying summer, the next you're ready for fall! Me too!

Thanks for your kinds words over on my site. ;)

Beth said...

Hi Laura. I have officially given up on summer here. I'm over it, but I do feel gypped out of a real summer.

Keeping prayers coming your way for Elsa's safe return.