This Summer Night

Dinner tempts
pesto with linguine and chicken
chilled wine
toasted baguette

Beyond our window
joggers, walkers, dogs and kids
sunset blankets the street
in soft hues of orange

Breeze caresses
fan spinning softly above
evening grows older
and fireworks sparks alight

Quietly day draws close
calm abides
and sleepiness
creeps in

Sleep well this summer night


Farmer Gal said...

Did you write that poem? I just love it. I know you long for Tennessee and farm life, but I'm glad you see the beauty of where you're at... Even if it is hot! ;)

Beth said...

Thank you, Laura, I did write it. I love where I live--but I feel like my heart is in the country...a life on a farm is my idea of heaven.

We are finally getting hot weather...it has been a mild, almost cold summer. Our heat usually goes through October, which is our "fire season". But it is also a longer time for enjoying our pool.