Yesterday was a perfect weather day for working in our yard. The sun was out, there was a slight breeze and we were looking forward to being outside --a 71 degree day.

We had some plants that needed to be replaced and we really wanted to improve the acccess to our garden via our side yard. The bark was very messy and we were continually tracking it onto the patio, plus it was not very "bare feet friendly", and let me be honest, I am barefoot a lot of the time.

With some leftover brick and large rocks that we already had, we formulated a plan. We purchased some pea pebble, a few more stepping stones and plants--some for replacing and some for sprucing up the fence line in the side yard--and got to work. Here is a peek at our finished walkway and stone surround for established plants.
Another view of the side yard and new walkway. We added three star jasmine plants and day lillies, seen on the left and placed our bird bath in the middle of our new plants.
Our garden is flourishing and doing really well. Everything has really taken off and has almost doubled in size in the past two weeks since we planted the garden.
We have harvested a few strawberries already and I can't wait for the rest of our garden to start producing!
I purchased some cute garden markers for my herbs and I love them! They are silver plated spoons that are etched with the names of my herbs: thyme, rosemary, mint and basil. I found them on Etsy from Monkees always Look. Check out Allison's beautiful items!

How does your garden grow? Wishing you all days of sunshine and lots of happy gardening!


Farmer Gal said...

I was just looking at some spoons like that in a magazine this morning. Weird!

Your garden looks so neat and tidy. Love the new landscape work!

Beth said...

Thanks, Laura! I just love the spoons! I am trying to find some other unusual garden markers for the rest of the garden too! I can't wait for the garden to be full and producing!

hilahil said...

it looks so good! i need to peek over the fence one of these days! and i LOVE etsy - i bought my mom some garden markers from an etsy seller last christmas. those are too cute.

Beth said...

Hi hilary! I just discovered Etsy and I love it too. Come on over and bring F! We have both been busy landscapers! Your yard looks AWESOME!!!!