We had a very productive day building our raised bed garden boxes. We went to Home Depot last night for all of our lumber, screws and stakes and today Bruce built both of our 4 x 8 x12 boxes. They are awesome!!

Here is a photo of a lizard we have living in our yard. Isn't he the coolest? He keeps our yard free of insect pests.

He seems to be saying, "whatever, dude!", doesn't he?

Our dog, Kona, (resident supervisor), helped by laying in the warm sun and keeping us company. She is a great companion, to say the least. We completed our project without her help...but let's keep that between us blogging friends, okay?
While Bruce was busy building, I focused my attention on pruning a lot of the overgrown plants in our yard (and filling trash cans) and I am so pleased with the results. I love how our yard looks since I attacked it with the pruner today. We have been blessed with a rainy winter and our yard is lush and green.

So, after all the building was completed, we went to Home Depot again and picked up (8) 3-cubic foot bags of soil and (2) 2-cubic foot bags of Miracle Gro amendments to mix into the soil and we filled one of our garden boxes. What a great day! We are going back to Home Depot tomorrow morning to get the soil and amendments for the second garden box. We also saw some beautiful hanging flower pots that we want to use to replace out hanging ferns --(ummm, to be honest, after the long, cold San Diego winter) mostly dead, now-- across the back of the house. Gorgeous reds and oranges to adorn our yard. It will add some vibrant color to the house. I can't wait to have my beautiful backyard back!!!!

I will take some more photos as we make more progress on our garden and yard tomorrow!
And next.....we get our pool ready.
Oh, sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. *Think June!*

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