I haven't blogged in over a week, and I had been considering some ideas to blog about when my sweet blogging friend, Laura at Farmer Gal's Market gave me this "beautiful" award. I am honored. Really. Laura is very cool and one of my favorite bloggers!

Okay, so here is the deal....with the award, comes 3 conditions:

1) Link back to the person who gave it to you; 2) List seven things about yourself; and
3) Pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

Seven things about me. I am going to (try very hard) to list some things that I haven't blogged (blabbed) about me already. Heck, I am gonna have to try very hard to come up with seven things...

1) My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. Such a pure wonderful flavor. If I want I can drizzle chocolate or carmel over it or whatever else I am craving. But alone it is just simply yummy.

2) When I was 13, I began saving my babysitting money to buy a horse. I wanted a horse so badly. However, by the time I had enough money to buy one, I was 16 and decided that a car was a much smarter investment. Many years later, I did own a horse--we actually owned four horses! Once I am living on my Tennessee property, I think it would be so cool to have a horse again.

3) Okay, my claim to fame is that I met Kris Kristofferson after a concert in San Diego as a teenager, in 1972. This was his first tour and my friend and I waited at the back door for the band to leave. (We were the only ones there). When I asked him for his autograph, he told me he had never given one before and signed my ticket receipt (the only scrap of paper I had for him to sign). I still have that autograph.

4) I have my degree in Criminology. My day job is as a paralegal for a law firm and for some time now, I have been writing a crime novel. Writing is my passion.

5) I collect heart shaped rocks (that I find when we are out camping) and guitar picks (from artists I like). Also we have an interesting collection of shot glasses from the places we have visited both near and far.

6) My favorite kind of foods are Italian and Mexican. Love, love, love em!

7) I would rather follow backroads to my destination and because I love discovering "hidden treasures" along the way. Little mom and pop cafe's with delicious food and interesting people; cool old houses and buildings with all of their authenticity intact; and things that remind of me of my childhood.

I could only choose seven bloggers to receive this award--I had to pare my choices down to seven?? Gosh, that is tough. If I have the opportunity to hand out awards again, I will be sure to change up my nominees (cause I love you all!!) Drumroll please.

http://chaptersofsummergirl.blogspot.com/ : My darling daughter is the author of this blog and she keeps me up to date on her sweet, busy life and my adorable grand-daughter!

http://boomama.net/ : Her sense of humor keeps me laughing.

http://definingamy.blogspot.com/ : Introspection and photography. Love blogs that help me see myself and aim to be authentic.

http://www.sustainingcreativity.com/ : Kelli is creative and funny and has lots of great ideas to share!

http://amberskitchen.blogspot.com/ : Amber has tons of delicious recipes with loads of links to lots more ideas for cooking. I love to cook and can get wonderfully lost here.

http://www.thommalyngrindstaff.com/blog/ : Thomma Lyn and I are blogging buddies who share a love of writing and Tennessee. She shares her beautiful hikes through photography and I just love to escape and hike along with her.

My days are enriched with each visit to ALL of my blogging friends' pages!

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Farmer Gal said...

Yay! It is so fun to read people's 'seven things'. I love vanilla ice cream the most too.

Can't wait for your crime novel to come out... If I'm brave enough to read it. Is it really scary and/or gory? Because I'm kind of a wimp. But I do love a good mystery.