After my unexpected trek up the (9 flights) stairs yesterday--and surviving, I made the decision to shun our elevators from now on.

Said elevators are not that reliable as it is. Thankfully, I have not ever been "stuck" on them, but why risk it? And besides, taking the stairs is so much better for my health.

Having gotten into a good routine with my cardio and resistance workouts, I think that adding a new habit of taking the stairs is going to be a great benefit to reaching my goals of staying fit and healthy. I ain't gettin' younger, but I do want maintain my good health and continue to feel great!

Climbing the stairs is good for all the obvious reasons. Descending stairs is good for the same reasons, but did you know that it is also very good for your bone density health? (listen up ladies! Your bone density health becomes super important as you age. Start now and stay on top of it) Imagine how great my bones will be walking the 9 flights down to the parking garage 5 days a week!

So this morning, I bypassed the elevator and went straight up the stairs. I was winded when I reached the 9th floor, but I felt great having done it for the second day in a row. This afternoon, I will take them on my way out.

Tonight is our Bowflex workout night...I am ready! However, my abs are not so sure...they are still sore from all the crunches I did Monday night. I'm not listening to them....


Thomma Lyn said...

Have fun with your workout! It's a great idea to take stairs instead of elevators. I do that where possible, too. Anything that adds exercise to our lives is a good thing, in my book. :)

Farmer Gal said...

No stairs for me around here, but I could get out (even though it is frigid) and walk in the fresh air. Lord knows I need the walkin' and the air!