We had a wonderful day visiting the wineries on Valentine's Day. It was a gorgeous sunny day (78 degrees) and the views were awesome. Here are a few photos of the views and the vineyards we visited.

I really love the views of the vineyards. It was so serene out there.

Our two favorite wineries are Leonesse Cellars and Ponte. We decided to join the wine club at Leonesse and try it out. We are excited about our March selections and visiting the winery to pick up our wine at the "event" they hold for wine club members. We are looking forward to taking friends with us for wine tasting next time, too!



Seriously does time fly? Can we hit the PAUSE button for a minute and catch up?

I have been having a pretty busy week since I last posted. Yes, I realize it has been longer than a week...but it's close enough, right? Well, maybe not.

Anyways.... (the Deadwood fans will get that one)

It's finally Friday and I am looking forward to a nice long weekend (Monday is a holiday for us!) away from work and with my hunny.

For Valentines Day, Bruce and I made plans to go to the Temecula Valley and visit two of our favorite wineries for wine tasting and lunch. A few years back, we went with a big group of and enjoyed a laughter filled crazy day with 11 of us in a limo, enjoyed a picnic lunch, spoiled with wine club privileges and amenities and culminating with dinner afterwards! Crazy fun day!

This will not be crazy. But it will be fun.

Tonight, after work, I have my 6 week hair appointment. Time for refreshing my color and trimming the ends. I'll start putting my highlights in again in April, but for now I am liking my hair without them.

I'm letting my length grow out until I can decide what style I want. Right now it is long layers and I am really enjoying it. So I am not gonna change a thing.

You know what they say....
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! AND When in doubt, don't.

Both of those timeless quotations apply to me and my hairstyle-change-decision-making process. Here is what it looks like now...I keep thinking about growing my bangs out too...but I end up trimming them again when they start driving me too nuts...I am not sure I can stay the course for the length of time it will take to grow them out.

After my appointment, we are meeting my youngest (baby) brother, D, and having dinner. A late celebration of his recent birthday. It will be fun catching up and spending time with him. He always makes me laugh and I love him bunches and bunches!

Hope you all have a nice weekend! I will hit 'PLAY' now and we can all get on with our day.



After my unexpected trek up the (9 flights) stairs yesterday--and surviving, I made the decision to shun our elevators from now on.

Said elevators are not that reliable as it is. Thankfully, I have not ever been "stuck" on them, but why risk it? And besides, taking the stairs is so much better for my health.

Having gotten into a good routine with my cardio and resistance workouts, I think that adding a new habit of taking the stairs is going to be a great benefit to reaching my goals of staying fit and healthy. I ain't gettin' younger, but I do want maintain my good health and continue to feel great!

Climbing the stairs is good for all the obvious reasons. Descending stairs is good for the same reasons, but did you know that it is also very good for your bone density health? (listen up ladies! Your bone density health becomes super important as you age. Start now and stay on top of it) Imagine how great my bones will be walking the 9 flights down to the parking garage 5 days a week!

So this morning, I bypassed the elevator and went straight up the stairs. I was winded when I reached the 9th floor, but I felt great having done it for the second day in a row. This afternoon, I will take them on my way out.

Tonight is our Bowflex workout night...I am ready! However, my abs are not so sure...they are still sore from all the crunches I did Monday night. I'm not listening to them....



I am blogging today that we have completed a full week of treadmilling and Bowflexing !

Yesterday we started our our second week. I was up at the crack of dawn to get my treadmill workout done.... Actually it was still very dark and dawn was nearly two hours away when I got up--5:00 a.m. I always seem to dread excercise at that hour...but it sure feels great when I am done!

Today, I not only got my cardio on the treadmill done, but (much to my dismay) our elevator was out of order when I got in this morning and so I traipsed the 9 flights up (with my loaded down work tote over one shoulder and my coffee mug in hand). Actually, it was much easier than I expected it to be.

I am so ahead of the game today.