I am counting down the hours until we leave on our flight to Utah tomorrow. I am so excited!

And, there is snow in the forecast! :-) Coming from San Diego, snow is a big deal to me. I love the white stuff (in moderation of course). Sure seems more like winter with snow on the ground and cold temperatures. (It is supposed to be 19 degrees when we land tomorrow night).

I cannot wait to see our sweet grand-daughter and give her snuggles and kisses from her Memaw.

It is hard to believe that only a year ago, I was catching a plane so I could arrive before her birth. I made it! I was there when this sweet girl was born. Has it really been a year since she was this small?

And look at her now! Walking everywhere, Little Miss Independent! And starting to talk. And still just as darn cute as ever!

Stay tuned....we are taking our camera and I'll be posting more pictures while we are away!

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Farmer Gal said...

Have fun! I think I remember back when you made that trip. How does the time go by so fast? She will be so fun to play with now!