I am already thinking about Valentine's Day...

(you know it's certainly not to early to start planning (or making reservations) for your special lunch/dinner celebration)

Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year, so those of us who work full time and normally celebrate with dinner after work, have some more options for our celebration. A lot more options--no football on TV either. Right?

We usually go out for a nice dinner, and then Bruce suggested the idea of going on another Hornblower brunch cruise. Then the realization that that this, being an El Nino* year, might bring rain, wind or more ugly weather for our cruise around the harbor, and for that reason, we reconsidered and are going to plan something else.

* plain and simple explanation more rain for California. You can go to NOAA for the real deal facts and figures

Summer is a much better time for harbor brunch cruise. I can attest that sunning yourself on the top deck of a large boat along the San Diego Harbor is glorious in July! And for you photographers...there are some perfect photo ops of our city and bay from out there!

So back to the drawing board...but I have an idea churning in my busy brain. I just have to go surf the web and see what pans out...stay tuned.

Do you have plans made yet? Homemade dinner or Reservations? Inquiring minds want to know...

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