Yup, I am sick...still another day.

Today, some new symptoms to this cold virus. I feel winded and my eyes hurt. I am still sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. But I do feel a little bit better than I did yesterday. It sure doesn't sound like it though, does it?

Bruce got me a really cool laptop pad for Christmas. It's called an e-Pad. It makes working on my laptop from the comforts of the couch (or bed) so much nicer! It is much better than trying to juggle it on my lap or from the arm of the sofa (which is a terrible angle for my neck and back when I work for any extended length of time).

I have been getting lots of use of my new e-Pad!

So, what else is new?

I am counting the days until we get to fly to Utah and celebrate Gracie's FIRST birthday!! Has it really almost been a year since that sweet baby girl was born? Yep, it really has!

I am compiling my list of things to pack for our trip to Utah and watching the calendar, marking off the days...one by one.


Summer Girl said...

Sorry to still hear you are feeling so crappy. Just think though if you get really sick now then more than likely you will be better for your trip out here! I can't wait!!!! I am already thinking I have to start getting her invitations out! Kisses from me to make you feel better, off to my book I go!

Beth said...

I am being very cautious and getting lots of rest and fluids and staying home from work today. I am on the couch for the day. Taking my meds and sipping a cup of hot tea.

I want to be 100% for our trip out to see you all!!!