Apparently I spoke too soon, or am a victim of Murphy's Law (again).

You see, the weather in So Cal can be very different from one day to the next. What I mean is that my fireplace nights have been interrupted by a "mild Santa Ana", which in plain english means that our temperatures are warm again.

Yeah. I am not excited.

Instead of enjoying the coziness I was envisioning in my last post, we have our windows wide open and fans whirring during the day to keep the house cool.

How glad am I that I didn't move those fans to the garage already? I knew better. October is famous for Santa Ana conditions creeping in unanounced. I am really over summer weather. Way over. Totally over. SOOOOO over it.

I pushed my Uggs back in their place in the closet and slipped into my flip-flop sandals when we dressed to go to Costco last Saturday. It's just so hard to shop for pumpkins and fall decor when it's 87 degrees outside. Ya know what I mean? Well, maybe you don't.

Okay, enough whining and complaining....

I do have a small pumkin sitting on our coffee table beside a pretty silver bowl of whole walnuts for snacking. Once November arrives, and cooler weather is here to stay, we will have more fall inspirational decorating done.

We've been whittling down our bodies via diet and exercise (treadmill, elliptical and Bowflex). It's gotten easier and feels good (finally). I look forward to our Bowflex workouts on weekday evenings and Saturday morning, though my treadmill sessions during the week at 4:40 a.m. are harder to get excited about, I still always feel good afterwards. And that makes it so worth it!

This weekend, the weather is perfect. It was 74 degrees today. Not hot, not cold. We slept in until 7:30 this morning, had our coffee and breakfast, completed our Bowflex workout, showered, and ran errands, did our weekly grocery shopping, and came back home to relax, cook dinner and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on my nails and my novel. I need to apply a coat of acrylic to my nails so that my polish will adhere. I've been giving them a break for a few months--and goin' naked with no polish, but I just love nail polish, so I painted on my base coat, put several coats of a deep brownish red on and a clear top coat earlier this week. It's not held up well. I have added more polish and top coats, but it's just not cutting it. Time for reinforcements! Bring on the acrylic.

Time to get some shut-eye. Good night readers.


Summer Girl said...

Go Bowlex Mama! I hear ya about the Pumpkins. We have three on our porch. Papa pumpkin, Mama pumpkin and tiny lil baby pumpkin! :P

Beth said...

Awww, that is so cute! We just have the one little one on our coffee table. We have an electric jack'o' lantern we sit out on Halloween night. Remember the days of "Bob" sitting on our porch? and cobwebs and scary music? I miss those days!