Weekend mornings are such a welcome change from my "get up before dawn, workout, shower, get to work" routine Monday through Friday.

This morning, I am sipping my second mug of coffee as the morning sunlight slices through the fog and our neighborhood begins to wake up. It's still quiet here this morning. I am planning my day....I browsed the paper and read that it is supposed to be 91 degrees here today, so floating in the pool is high on the list.

I have a short "to-do" list and I am feeling lazy.

We went to the Beach Boys concert last night, which was a blast. During that second half of the concert, they were playing songs that the everyone was singing to...louder than the band. The ages of the crowd were folks in their 70's down to little kids...most were our age. We were sitting behind a family....Dad was in his 70's and three "kids" aged early 20's....the kids were all singing to the songs and one of the kids turned around and high-fived us after one of the songs. It was so great to see multi-generations enjoying the same music.

The Beach Boys is simply a feel good concert.

Today is simply Saturday....and I am feelin' good.

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