It's so hard for me to believe that it's already August....and three days into the month, no less!

For the past several weeks now, I have been busy gearing up for our annual summer party ...and for the past 24 hours, recovering from putting it on! Yesterday, I was so tired. I tried to take an afternoon nap, but only got about 20 minutes worth. Got almost 8 hours of shut-eye last night, but it was not enough.

I'm still catching up. Gimme a week. I'll be back to "normal".

Now that all the party tables have been taken down and stashed back in the garage, the patio back in order, the grill cleaned and we have stashed the leftover food, sodas and waters and a few bottles of wine in our garage refridgerator, I can turn to planning for another wonderful event!

In 18 days, my youngest child/son, T will be flying out for a week with us! He is taking leave time from the Navy for a vacation.

Wait, there is more!

The very next morning, A and Gracie will fly in for a week as well! I am so excited to have them all out to visit !!!! It is going to be such a fun week with the four siblings all together again!


Summer Girl said...

You know I can't wait right???? I am so excited to see everyone. I can't wait for you to see what Pooks can do now! She is such a clever baby. xoxox

Beth said...

I am so excited too!!!!! Seriously going crazy! :-) I bet that by the time you all get here, she will have added a new skill or two.