My son, T has been in Jacksonville (going to school in the Navy) and we last saw him in December, when he was home for Christmas. Since he has been in school, he is unable to travel home.

However, T was able to get away for the long 4th of July weekend and visit his friends, Sarah and Bobby (and meet their brand new twin girls) in Virginia Beach. He sent this picture of the three of them. It is such a good picture. He looks great!

(Wow, new mama Sarah looks fantastic! It is hard to believe that she just had twins 10 weeks ago! Dontcha think? ) Their precious baby girls are adorable too! Congrats again Sarah and Bobby!
T is planning to come home for a visit in August, the same time that A and Gracie come for a week! Yippee! It will be wonderful to have all my kids here together!

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