I'd love to hear from all the wonderful visitors to my blog. Please introduce yourselves (if your new to commenting here) and just gimme a shout out, if you've wandered in before.

So to get the conversation going, I'd love to know what your favorite summer guilty pleasure is.

Mine is a stack of magazines, a tall ice cold drink, a comfy chair in a quiet shady spot where I can spend the afternoon reading.

What is yours?


Summer Girl said...

Hmm,One my guilty summer pleasure is movies at the drive in, with Junk food, and more junk food!Pajamas and pillows and keeping it cheap and close to the house, falling asleep in the bed of the truck after the movie is over (or even half way thru) and having KSov drive us the few minutes home without me ever having to get in and buckle up!

Holly said...

Ok so now I wish it was summer in NZ too! I think mine is the same as yours. That sounds awesome. :)

Thomma Lyn said...

Hmmm, my favorite summer guilty pleasure is gorging myself on mountain blackberries during my hikes. Scrumptious!

Another summer guilty pleasure: gorging myself on raspberry sherbet with chocolate cool whip on top. :-D

Beth said...

thomma lyn, there is nothing more refreshing than fresh fruit in the summer...except, well, sherbet! :-)

summergirl...its been ages since I have been to the drive-in...I think I saw Indiana Jones Temple of Doom...haha!!

Holly, I would love to visit NZ! What time of year would be the best?

Adrienne said...

Guilty summer pleasure? I'm not sure, Beth. We seem to do guilty things all year long. I suppose sitting in our courtyard, pulling our TV out, and lighting a fire.