During my trip to SLC, we spent Friday at Liberty Park. We picked up some sandwiches and drinks and found a place under the shade of a tall tree, to lay out our blanket and spend some time in the warmth of a sunny day. It was around 85 degrees, but in the shade it was perfect.

We brought Grace's Hippo Gym and she stayed busy entertaining us with her cuteness!

(BTW, that little scratch on her face, she inflicted on herself the night before while she was nursing. Her mama trimmed her nails again the next morning...darn those nails grow so fast! ) Poor baby girl. Life is rough.

After lunch and playtime, we walked around the park. There are lots of wide sidewalks, picnic areas with grills, sitting benches, and even large fireplaces with concrete surrounds to enjoy. It even has an amusement park area with rides and a beautiful carousel! Can't wait for Grace to be old enough to ride.

Here are some more pics of Gracie's day at the park.

Liberty Park will be a favorite destination of mine to take Grace and spend the day.


Farmer Gal said...

You got the new camera! And you went to SLC again! Sounds like life is good for you these days! Now if only you could have a nice little farm in Tennessee... ;)

Beth said...

Yeah, Laura, life is good. I have to remember that God is leading the way. But I do so want that little farm in TN...in the worst way! ;) I love the our new camera, too...learning more about it and anxious to really take some great pics with it!