I must have cowboy blood running in my veins.

I have always wanted to be a cowboy. Life on the ranch. Riding horses. I was a fan of westerns growing up and I am sure this had a lot to do with my fascination with cowboys. Bonanza, The Big Valley, Lancer, Rawhide, The Rifleman....you get the picture.

And as a kid growing up, I wrote a lot of stories about cowboys and cowboy life...most of the stories were inspired from the T.V. series' I watched while I injected my own "heroine" into each story.

Some dreams die hard.

I have owned horses (4 of them at one time) and taken care of them (I might add) on 2 acres of property in the "country"...well, it was Poway, CA and it is "the City in the Country". A beautiful piece of San Diego County.

I still hope, one day (when we move to Tennessee) to own a piece of property again and maybe have another horse (oh, yeah, and a big garden...but I will save that story for another post).

Until then I am happy enough just wearing my cowboy boots.

And just between you and me, it is a deeply guarded secret that cowboy boots are THE most comfortable shoes a woman will ever own. Of course, Uggs are right up there for comfort too....but I can't wear Uggs to work.

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Farmer Gal said...

Is that picture of you? That is too cute! I just know you're going to be in TN with your horses and garden someday soon...