I must have cowboy blood running in my veins.

I have always wanted to be a cowboy. Life on the ranch. Riding horses. I was a fan of westerns growing up and I am sure this had a lot to do with my fascination with cowboys. Bonanza, The Big Valley, Lancer, Rawhide, The Rifleman....you get the picture.

And as a kid growing up, I wrote a lot of stories about cowboys and cowboy life...most of the stories were inspired from the T.V. series' I watched while I injected my own "heroine" into each story.

Some dreams die hard.

I have owned horses (4 of them at one time) and taken care of them (I might add) on 2 acres of property in the "country"...well, it was Poway, CA and it is "the City in the Country". A beautiful piece of San Diego County.

I still hope, one day (when we move to Tennessee) to own a piece of property again and maybe have another horse (oh, yeah, and a big garden...but I will save that story for another post).

Until then I am happy enough just wearing my cowboy boots.

And just between you and me, it is a deeply guarded secret that cowboy boots are THE most comfortable shoes a woman will ever own. Of course, Uggs are right up there for comfort too....but I can't wear Uggs to work.



It's quiet on our home front.
We went out today to run errands and among other purchases, ended up with a cute wicker bench for our front porch. This was such a bargain....it came with the cushion and the side pillows were a bargain at $3.00 each!
Our front porch is protected from the rain and wind and has a lot of beautiful foliage
I just love these pillows. I want to add some more decorative things to make this corner of our porch really cozy and inviting.



This is going to be a short post.

I have been meaning to blog all week...about lots of things, because I have had lots of bloggy thoughts floating around but I have been, shall I say, preoccupied with "stuff". That being said, I want to share this with ya'all.

We have been attending The Rock Church and we always have really amazing worship time before our message. Last Sunday, Mike Clark and the Band lead worship. It was Awesome!!

I found some of his music videos to share. Watch and listen to this one and here is another one.

I am ordering his CD and I can't wait until he and the band return to The Rock!



On Saturday morning, I was invited to join some girls (Dawn, Karin and Jess) to walk with them at a local lake. It was a morning full of clouds, fondly known as "June Gloom" here in San Diego. But it was a perfect morning for a 6+ mile walk.

When I left our house, it was drizzling...hard enough to put the wipers and headlights on...but it was not raining at all as I got closer to the lake. However I was prepared. I brought a windbreaker just in case that changed during our walk.

There were a lot of other people walking--with and without dogs, mountain bikers, inline skaters and families pushing strollers. It took us two hours to do the loop to the dam and back. It was such a fun time of exercise and great company!

Afterwards, I ran to the grocery store and then home to shower and relax. We had our good friend, Linda over to grill out with us...we grilled chicken and beef kabobs -- peppers, onions and pineapple-- with jasmine rice and a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio. Linda brought some cheesecake topped with strawberries and blackberries for dessert. It was so yummy!
This is a picture of Bruce and Linda and I celebrating her birthday last year. We never got the camera out last night to take some pics.

We started our afternoon off with an icy pitcher of margaritas, pita chips with rondele cheese dip, and some mini quiche bites. The sun had come out and the temperatures made for a beautiful afternoon to spend outside on our patio. As always our time together was full of great stories, good conversation and laughs.



My week has been especially long and busy. Almost every night this week has had an obligation attached to it. I am exhausted.

Today at work, I was under a lot of pressure to complete three separate discovery responses out the door with all of the accompanying documents organized, copied and identified by close of business. The stress gave me nightmares last night. But, I got it all done just shy of 15 minutes before the end of my day.

I work 7-4, which is a schedule I like. I have to get up at 5 am, but it is so nice to be done and on my way home from work before the rest of the city is bogged down.

Tonight my sweet hubby cooked me a wonderful dinner and let me sip Pinot Grigio and keep him company in the kitchen. (He really wanted me to "chillax" in the living room, but I wanted to be with him). After a delicious dinner, I put all the dishes in the dishwasher and set up the coffee maker for tomorrow morning...and now it's time to kick back.

I am blogging and he is gaming...'Motorsport' on Playstation 3 (PS3). Our latest purchase. He and I played 'Baja 1000' over the weekend. That was a lot of fun. I like the racing games!

We're having a nice night together. I love my life.



During my trip to SLC, we spent Friday at Liberty Park. We picked up some sandwiches and drinks and found a place under the shade of a tall tree, to lay out our blanket and spend some time in the warmth of a sunny day. It was around 85 degrees, but in the shade it was perfect.

We brought Grace's Hippo Gym and she stayed busy entertaining us with her cuteness!

(BTW, that little scratch on her face, she inflicted on herself the night before while she was nursing. Her mama trimmed her nails again the next morning...darn those nails grow so fast! ) Poor baby girl. Life is rough.

After lunch and playtime, we walked around the park. There are lots of wide sidewalks, picnic areas with grills, sitting benches, and even large fireplaces with concrete surrounds to enjoy. It even has an amusement park area with rides and a beautiful carousel! Can't wait for Grace to be old enough to ride.

Here are some more pics of Gracie's day at the park.

Liberty Park will be a favorite destination of mine to take Grace and spend the day.



Here are some shots of the little sweetheart that I took during my weekend visit.
This one I took at Liberty Park with my cell phone. All of the others were taken with our new Nikon D90--which I love.
Little Strawberry Girl. Mama gave her a taste of a strawberry and man, did she love it!

Grace is absolutely facsinated with the water coming out of the sprayer. It was so, so cute to watch her.

All snuggled up in her warm bath towel, clean and happy.

Grace fell asleep in bed with Mama and Daddy in her Boppy and took a long nap--nothing better than a lazy Sunday afternoon in bed.

These pictures make me miss her all the more. I'm ready to hop a Jet Blue flight back to Utah....pronto.