It's a beautiful day here in San Diego. The sun is shining bright in a cloudless blue sky and it feels so good on my skin.

We've had a busy Saturday morning. We dropped Kona (who was a very stinky dog) off to get a bath and have her nails clipped. We usually give her a bath here at home, but occasionally we take her and get the works done at the groomer. Today was one of those days.

While our dog was getting her beauty treatment, we ran to Costco and the grocery store and we had enough time to shop and get home and unload everything before I went back to pick her up.
As I was loading Kona up in the car, A texted me this sweet picture of Gracie in the adorable girlie camo pants we got her while we were there last weekend. How cute is that?
And last but not least -- here is our clean, "happy to be back home again" dog, Kona. Stinky no more.

I am off to enjoy my day and bask in the warm sunshine.

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