I am spending a quiet morning at home. Enjoying my third mug of coffee, which is more than I usually drink on the weekend. But Bruce went to his softball practice and there was still coffee in the pot. And it was still hot, so I poured myself another mug.
I lit some candles and turned on CMT. I love country music. In fact, despite living most of my life (from age 6) here in San Diego, I have loved country music since I was in junior high. I can't even remember how I got hooked on it. But I remember having albums (do you remember those?) of Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Charlie Rich...yikes, that makes me sound old, huh?

I really love mornings like this. I can be reflective and creative. Music on. Candles lit.
I also started playing the guitar in junior high. I took a summer school class to learn guitar and then began taking small group lessons with the YMCA when I was in the 10th grade. But in between that time, I taught myself chords and wrote songs. My parents found someone to give me private lessons so I could learn to read music, but honestly, the guy was hardcore. He intimidated me and unfortunately, that made music just not fun anymore. I quit the lessons. Now, looking back, I regret that I did. Maybe I regret that I did not take my lessons more serious. Or maybe it is just I regret that I did not seek another teacher that I could learn from and grow as a guitarist and musician.
I sold that guitar when my life became filled with being a wife and stay-at-home mom (SAHM) of four beautiful children. Two years ago, I got myself another guitar. I started getting back into playing, but when we put our condo on the market and began the frenzy of moving, it fell to the wayside again. However, I recently moved my guitar into our living room so I would be more apt to play it more. My son-in-law, K played it while he was here last week and Grace seemed to like hearing him play!
During those years of being a SAHM, I took up crocheting and also learned to quilt and tole paint. My best friend Heidi (who was also a SAHM and joined me in many of those classes) sent me a book for my birthday, The Friday Night Knitting Club and a gorgeous skein of yarn and needles to go with it. For those of you not familiar with the book, there is a pattern for a scarf at the back of the book. This is on my fun "to do" list.

Speaking of books, my three Jonathan Kellerman books that I mentioned yesterday are still calling my name. I did begin reading 'Obsession' while I was in Utah last month, but only made it through the first chapter or so.

It looks like we may get some rain today...apparently the rain that was forecast for tomorrow may come in today. I guess that means that I won't get to sit out on the patio today. But that's okay.
Kona and I are perfectly content to stay inside with beautiful candles and CMT.

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