Today was a beautiful day here in San Diego. The sun was out, the sky blue and the temperatures were hitting 70 degrees. A day perfect for being outside on our patio in the backyard. Maybe put my feet up, dive into a good book. So inviting. Which would be perfect because I have three Jonathan Kellerman novels that I got as gifts recently and I began to think how great it would be to lose myself in a wonderful mystery.

Our cats, Missy and Cleo thought that laying around in bed was a good way to spend the day. Except they are laying on our dog, Kona's bed. They could not resist that sunshine streaming in. Kona is very accommodating. Or intimidated. We are not sure which.

To be honest, Kona probably doesn't care because the couch is just as comfortable. But I think she is a little bit intimidated by Missy and Cleo. Don't tell her I said that, though.The backyard kept beckoning me. The sunlight was streaming in our back door and there was a soft breeze. A really nice breeze. But I had a mission to accomplish...I mean WE. Maybe tomorrow I can get out there and begin reading one of my books.
Here is the deal. It has been a long time--and by long time, I mean since the long Thanksgiving weekend--that we were out in our garage, tearing into boxes and sorting things out to sell or throw out or donate. Which must be done if we are going to be ready to move in two months.

Yikes, two months? Actually, Bruce has it down to days already. 67 days. I prefer to still think of it as months. Thank you very much, I am not ready to panic. And counting it in days will make me panic.

Our lives got very busy for a couple of months right after Thanksgiving.

A & K came to visit the first week of December, then came the shopping, wrapping and entertaining for Christmas.

Next up, New Years....and then, you all already know that our sweet grand-daughter, little Gracie decided to arrive 15 days ahead of schedule! (Now that made me panic!)

Finally, after my memorable week in Utah getting acquainted with Grace and helping A & K and their trip here to visit us just last weekend, Bruce and I made a committment to get back out into the garage again and GET SERIOUS again--today. Oh my.

See those boxes inside the open cabinets? We had to still go through them. Get organized and decide what goes with us and what does not.

I don't have an after picture yet because although we made a lot of progress and filled our recyling trash can with a lot of paper and have added to our "donate" and "see if the kids want this" piles, you can't tell by looking that we did a single thing. I mean, we KNOW we did, but our garage is still in disarray. Organized chaos. I will take some "after shots" later.
Much later.
If I don't panic first.

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