I thought I'd show some of the rest of what is going on when Grace is sleeping (or nursing)....here is the view from A & K's front window. It had snowed a few days before I flew in...and this is what was still there this morning. How's this for a view with your morning coffee?

And this is the view from the back...out of the kitchen and dining windows. Call me crazy but I love it. The air is so clean and fresh and cold. It was 30 degrees Sunday night when I let the dogs out and 40 degrees we we woke up the next morning. Did I already mention that I love it?

Oh yeah, the dogs....meet Briggs (he looks tough, but he very mellow and a cuddler)

And Kayla...sweet girl--she is the hyper one...on alert and ever watchful.
I snapped these Sunday night while the sheppies and I were hanging out enjoying a fire in the fireplace (baby Grace and mama and daddy were still at the hospital). They also slept with me both nights...and just so ya know....Briggs likes to hog ALL of the bed.
Remember how I said I was loving the cold weather and snow? Well, it is January and I expect this kind of weather at this time of year...(hoping to get some of that when we move to Tennessee).

I was even happier to be in Utah when I saw the front page photo of our newspaper at home in San Diego, where this photo below was taken....today's weather...HOT and dry. Ugh...NOT so January like.
I am glad I am here in Utah....I mean really...who wants to be seen in a bathing suit right after Christmas????

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