I promised a report on my shopping excursion yesterday. I was quite surprised that it was not nearly as crazy at the mall as I had imagined it would be. We were able to find parking spots close enough to the mall entrance we chose and our waits in lines were not too awfully bad. We did the "dodge a shopper" dance a few times to avoid a collision with other shoppers, but everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit and we had a pleasant shopping day. We got most of our shopping completed and were home by mid-afternoon.

However, despite all of this, I am feeling a bit Scroogey and try as I might, I am having a tough time with Christmas this year. I love the whole shopping and gift wrapping, baking, decorating my home events, but this year most of it feels like a chore. And I hate feeling like this.

I'm hoping that by the time the predicted (and promised) winter rainstorm blows in with precipitation and wind and cold temperatures (and snow in our mountains!) and once Bruce and I have completed our traditional drive to see all the Christmas lights in our favorite neighborhoods, that the Scroogey part of me will have been exorcised.

I think I need a Christmas crafty project to help me....I love Christmas crafty projects.


Thomma Lyn said...

I understand -- I'm a bit Scroogey myself. :) Christmas is so hustly-bustly and I'm just not much of a hustle-bustle person.

I'm glad it wasn't as crazy at the mall as you'd thought it would be! And yes, Christmas lights are very pretty.

Crafty projects -- sounds like fun! My grandmother was very crafty, and though I spend most of my time writing and playing music, I suspect I have a crafty streak myself which I shall have to explore someday.

Beth said...

There are years that I am way into the craziness and none of the irritating parts bother me...this year is not one of those years.

I have a few ideas to put some crafty into my Christmas season...not enough time to do a full blown project...but a few little things might help my mood.

I am sure with your other creative outlets, that there is a crafty creative side, too. My problem is that I have too many projects and not enough time!