This weekend was a very productive one.

I cleaned out our hall linen and bathroom cabinets and sorted though and stacked items to donate and save for the kids or sell. I made a lot of progress and felt good about my direction.

I dug into a cedar chest that, thankfully, contained a lot of things we are keeping. But then came the next chore....sorting through a tall chest of drawers in our extra room, that was full of "stuff"-- computer disks, cords, stationery supplies and two of the five drawers held stacks and stacks of documents and miscellaneous paperwork, cards, notes, pictures and manuals.

I spent most of the rest of my day sorting those papers (which included a lot of bank statements and check carbons that we moved with us AGAIN the last time) and then shredding all of the outdated bank statements and check carbons--some dating back to 1997!!! Thank goodness, I went paperless in 2005. Whew. It was a time consuming event to say the least. I am relieved that it is done.

I put a big dent in my list and now I have a clearer focus on my goal. I probably need to update my list now. You knew that was coming, didn't you?

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Lisa-Kate said...

Oh how I miss San Diego. I'm so jealous :)