I was so happy when the weatherman said there would be rain for us today! Well, that is not totally correct. He actually said that a "storm" was coming in...but that is San Diego speak for rain...so yeah, we got some rain tonight. And to translate that....the pavement got wet. But it was heavenly for me. I loved the sound of the rain hitting the leaves in the trees and the smell of the rain.

That wonderful rain and drop of temperatures down to the 60s sure beat the 98 degrees we had two days ago. I am so tired of sunshine and warm weather. This is just one of the reasons we want to move to Tennessee...we long for four defined seasons.

I know so many people think San Diego is Paradise and I really am not a complainer, but....yeah, hear that, BUT? San Diego does not have "weather"(Y'all know what I mean).

Instead, we have 3 seasons of different degrees of warm and one season of cooler. So my favorite season here is winter...when it is "cold" (according to the people that LOVE San Diego weather) and I can light a fire in my fireplace, light lots of beautiful candles, snuggle into blankets on the sofa, wear sweats and socks and drink hot tea. There is nothing more comforting than a candle lit room. After nine freaking months of warm....I am ready for COLD.

I love going to Julian in November or December and breathing in the brisk mountain air and wearing a warm lined jacket and boots. Sometimes if we are lucky, our visit will coincide with a recent snowfall. We duck into a warm restaurant for a hot lunch and are off again to make our way in and out of the local shops, some with pot belly stoves giving off blessed heat as a respite from the 40 degree temperatures outside . After perusing all of the nooks and crannies and finding treasures, we later make our way to the Julian Pie Company for a fresh piece of warm apple pie and a cup of piping hot coffee.

Today's cooler temperatures and rain reminded me that my favorite season is almost here!


Thomma Lyn said...

Your Julian trip sounds delightful! And I'm so with you on cooler weather. My favorite season is fall, and I also love winter because of the snuggle-down factor -- thick socks, warm drinks, toasty heater indoors and brisk temperatures outdoors. So cozy. :)

Since I started hiking, I like warm weather better than I used to, but I'll always be a person who is energized by cool temperatures.

Beth said...

I used to like warmer weather more but now I have turned around and enjoy the cooler temps. Truer still, is that I need the defined change in seaasons--I am always ready for the next season. I know what you mean about warmer temps for hiking, too.

Laura said...

I live in East Tn and had to laugh a little about your "four defined seasons" remark! :0) We do indeed have four seasons in Tn - rainy, drought, hot, and cold. Seriously though, Middle TN does get more snow usually than we do - we rarely see it at all over here unless its in upper East TN - however, I live very close to the GA border.

My son is stationed in SD right now while finishing his C school and the one thing he misses most about home is the rain. I do enjoy the rain sometimes, but I don't enjoy thunderstorms because they can (and do more often than I would like) bring tornadoes. Again, Middle TN gets a few more of those than we do, but they have great warning systems over there. Homes with basements are very popular here for the reason of tornadoes. (Just something to keep in mind while looking for the perfect home!)

I'm enjoying reading your blog and you are reminding again why I am so blessed to live in TN! (Seriously though, winter doesn't last very long around here!)