Here she is at just three weeks old--we kept visiting our little pup each week until we brought her home.

Finally home and all tuckered out...we thought this little bundle of fur would never get bigger than 50 pounds....or so we were told...can you say "gullible" ?

You can see she is getting bigger and lighter...looking more like her golden retriever grandparent now. Sleeping again...but now she has discovered just how comfy our sofa is...now I know what they mean when they say it's a dogs life.

Well here she is now all full grown and still makes herself at home on the sofa to hang out whenever she gets the go ahead to do so.

This one was taken during a camping trip at Thanksgiving....one tired dog after running around outside with other dogs in the campsite. She loves going out there, but is so happy to come back inside and crash with us in the motorhome. She is definitely an indulged house dog.

Did someone say "Let's go for a ride in the Jeep?" I'm ready to go! Get my collar and leash!

Kona will be three years old this December. She is a very smart and obedient dog...the best dog we have ever had. Oh yeah, that 50 pound dog we were told she would be....make that 80 pounds. 80 p0und lap dog. Lovable lap dog.


Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, Kona is beautiful! Such a gorgeous adult doggie girl, and her puppy pictures are precious.

I hear you on "lap dog." I grew up with a boxer who was a 75 pound lap dog -- he used to take naps on the couch, and I'd cover us both with a blanket and we'd snooze so nice and snuggly! :)

Bruce and Beth said...

Thanks thomma lyn...I just love reminiscing Kona's puppyhood with all the pics we've taken. The big dogs are definitely good snugglers and will keep ya warm!

Marsha said...

She is very sweet looking. We have two dogs. A 14 year old golden retriever and a 6 year old border collie.