In October, 2007, we had the privilege of attending my youngest son, T's Pass In Review (Graduation ceremony) from Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. It was such an amazing ceremony! I cannot put into words the depth of feelings of pride and awe that came over me that day.

Here is a pic from my phone of T and I right after the ceremony. It was a brisk day in Chicago.
Finally back at the hotel for some rest and relaxation. T was able to take a shower, get on the computer to check his email and myspace (after being out of those loops for 9 weeks!) and take a nap! I was content to just watch him sleep. We went to the Mall and had dinner and basked in the short time we had together. He would be coming back to San Diego in a few weeks for school.

We met some of the other parents for dinner the night before PIR at the Full Moon restaurant in Gurney. It is a tradition for members of a Navy parent forum I belong to. Pictured are some of the parents that were in T's division and with whom I still keep in contact. The food is good, service even better and we all had a lot of fun that evening meeting everyone and sharing stories.

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