Our first trip was such a successful and fun adventure. We covered a lot of the Middle Tennessee neighborhoods we'd researched online, during the 11 days we were here and this is where we believe we will ulitmately be settling. Of course, we wondered if we'd be okay with the humidity and yes, we admit that the first couple of days, it was an adjustment, but we decided that it was "do-able" and found so many other wonderful attributes to this area of our country, that in the end, the humidity factor was truly a "no brainer".

We also now have a great collection of maps of the various areas of Middle Tennessee (so if ya'all need to borrow one), just holler! It really helped to have our laptop along for the trip and access to the free wireless at the hotel, so we could pull up information to help us along each day that we set out on our own to find areas we were interested in.

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Tom and Heidi said...

I didn't know you had a blog of your trip, until I talked with Lacey last night. I just checked it out and WOW, the place looks just beautiful. I can't wait to come visit you guys in your new home state. Thanks for sharing!